educare in sicilia

Sicilian education: Silvia’s silence tale

Silvia Petrucci tells us her mother’s vision of social relations and Sicilian education, and she does it with the oldest instrument available to man: the art of word and writing, weaving a tale that feeds itself on imagination and everyday life.


letteratura sicilia

Sicilian literature: Annalisa Arcoleo speaks about Runk

Can Sicilian literature spur young people to give their best, in an age dominated by precariety and deformed by the dilemma of post-truth and the devaluation of a globalized but increasingly fragmented culture?

We interviewed Annalisa Arcoleo, a filmmaker and journalist at his first novel, to understand how to preserve and enhance the values of a land that for centuries has communicated beauty and tradition in a game where faces and dreams are sometimes confused and sometimes collide with the reality of Italy.