Giardini – Naxos, a splendid tourist and seaside destination in Sicily

Today we will talk about Giardini – Naxos, a splendid tourist and seaside destination in Sicily. It is located in the province of Messina and is close to Taormina. We are sure it will arouse your curiosity!

In ancient times, the city was only called ” Giardini ”. The city council, on the proposal of the Pro Loco, decided to add ” Naxos ”, because it was the first Greek colony in Sicily. In 734, some Chalcidian settlers founded what has long been considered the first Greek settlement in Sicily. The colony was given the name of Naxos, as the homonymous island in the Aegean Sea.

Although it was a small town, it kept its symbolic value high: an altar was built in honor of Apollo Archegetes and it was the starting point for the Greek ambassadors when they returned to their homeland. Starting from the 19th century, in addition to fishing, activities related to agriculture, especially citrus fruits, the processing of wrought iron and ceramics, developed. Cradle of ancient Mediterranean civilizations and an avant-garde tourist destination in southern Italy, the city of Giardini – Naxos has a large archaeological area with an adjoining museum.

The sea with its crystal clear and clean waters, the splendid promenade and the cleanliness of the beaches are appreciated by the whole world. In the evening, the latter become even more enchanting thanks to a lighting system that highlights the rocks, enhancing even the most remote points of the beach. The visitor is therefore offered a special atmosphere, where the lights of the bay are reflected on the surface of the water. The Blue Grotta is also very famous and noteworthy, inside which you can admire numerous types of marine organisms, including false coral, starfish and parazoanthus, better known as the sea daisy.

Here you can find more information about this little corner of Sicilian paradise.

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Giardini – Naxos is a less known and somewhat hidden place, but we are sure that its beauties will break your heart.

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