Palermo in June: culture, art, and unforgettable experience

Art and culture are combined in splendid events awaiting you in Palermo this June

The Sicilian “capital” will welcome you with its stunning landscape, food festivals, and a thousand other art and culture events that will become refreshing and vibrant adventures such as the Craft Beer Festival, Cinema in Festa, concerts, and much more. Discover the richness of the past and especially the vibrancy of the present in beautiful Palermo!


festival gastronomico, enogastronomia italiana, mixology, avventura culinariaSicilian Cuisine: Gastronomika Festival

Here comes the first Sicilian edition of the food festival on food culture and industry, organized by the Association for Art and Linkiesta, with the contribution of the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity. The event invites the younger generation of food and wine professionals to discuss the latest in Italian food and wine, mixology, and hôtellerie. The festival will take place June 12 and 13, at the Villa Rosso in Mondello.

The festival, which addresses the modern and latest challenges of the food and wine industry in the Italian market, presents itself as a “space” where industry leaders, young professionals under 40, and the general public can have an open and productive discussion; adopting the model of the previous similar festival in Milan, this Palermo version will last two days and will include public events and workshops dedicated to industry professionals and the curious public.

During this “two-day” event, you can enjoy an incredible breakfast curated by Cucina Nomade and participate in several constructive activities with prominent speakers and training.

On June 12, five different hackathons will address five thematic areas: cooking, wine, pastry and baking, mixology, and hôtellerie.

Still, there are a thousand symposia, comparisons, and talks focusing on hospitality and the food industry.

Another fascinating aspect is that on June 13 there will be at least 3 simultaneous training in three different rooms:

  • Pane e Social Networks for those interested in learning how social networks can promote their business and build a professional digital reputation;
  • Shakera is for those who want to discover the new frontiers of contemporary mixology in the service of quality drinking
  • Ellogio dell’Accoglienza is for those who want to learn about techniques, tools, and strategies to improve service to international guests, especially the most attentive and demanding ones.

Further information about the events and the invitation request events for the public and tickets for the professionals in the gastronomic sector

festival della birra, birra artigianali, festival palermitano,
Festival of Artisan Beer

A river of craft beer returns to Palermo! After a 4-year hiatus, the Beer Bubbles festival returns to Via Maqueda, this year bigger than ever.

From June 13 to 16, more than 25 breweries from all over Italy will present their best craft beers.

What are you waiting for then? This is your chance to try all the different flavors of this beery…from classic beers to super creative new concoctions. The festival runs daily from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., so there is time to sample all the beers!

Refresh yourself with a variety of craft beers from every corner of Italy. From the north, you’ll find historic names such as Croce di Malto (Trecate) and Manerba (Lake Garda), alongside Balabiott (Domodossola), Noiz (Santarcangelo di Romagna), Bellazzi (Bologna) and even Monpiër de Gherdëina, all the way to Bolzano.

Sicily, for sure, will not be left out, with breweries such as Pasi (an all-female project!), Ballarak, Bruno Ribadi, Brassicula, and the island’s largest producer, Epica; to stay in the south again, Birra Salento will represent production from Lecce.

Admission is free, but to buy food and drinks you will have to get festival tokens at the ticket counters. You can also avoid the line by purchasing a day pass that includes 10 tokens for 10 half-pint tastings or 5 full-pint tastings… you will also receive a complimentary festival glass.

And how do you avoid getting drunk? You will find a wide variety of food vendors offering Sicilian specialties and more; from burgers and street food to pulled pork, Angus kebabs, fish sfincione, pane cunzato, and artisanal granita, there is truly something for everyone; even for the most discerning palates…even vegetarians, vegans and those looking for gluten-free products will surely find many options.

This festival is a perfect opportunity to taste new flavors and spend some good times outdoors in the heart of Palermo!

For more adventures of beer: uncorks a world of flavor at the Festival of Artisanal Beer!

cinema festival, festival, festival estate, festival di film
Cinema in Festival: great opportunity for movie lovers in Palermo!

All theaters in Palermo and the province are participating in the “Cinema in Festa” initiative, an unmissable opportunity to see films in the program at a very special price. An initiative offered to the public by Anec and Anica, with the support of MiC and in collaboration with the David di Donatello – Academy of Italian Cinema. Taking a cue from the French “Fête Du Cinéma,” this initiative is a joint effort between distributors and cinemas to guarantee Italian moviegoers a year-round movie season.

From Sunday, June 9 to Thursday, June 13, movie lovers will be able to enjoy a movie at the cinema for only 3.5 euros! Here is the list of cinemas in Palermo where you can take advantage of this event:

  • Palermo Ariston;
  • Palermo Cinema Marconi Multisala;
  • Palermo Cityplex Metropolitan;
  • Palermo Multisala Aurora;
  • Palermo Multisala Cinecity King;
  • Palermo Multisala Gaudium;
  • Palermo Multisala Planet “La Torre”;
  • Palermo Rouge Et Noir;
  • Palermo Tiffany;
  • Palermo Uci Cinemas.

Even here there are some provincial theatres where you can enjoy this event:

  • Bagheria Cinema Capitol Multisala;
  • Cefalù Astro 2000;
  • Cinisi Alba;
  • Partinico Empire Cinemas;
  • Termini Imerese Multisala Eden;
  • Villabate Ambassador.

concerto qwartet, concerto in palermo, concerto swing, concerto e apertivo
Concert with an appetizer: Swing Night by “Vicio Rinella Quartet”

Enjoy an unforgettable evening of music while sipping a glass of wine and admiring the beautiful view of Palazzo Bonocore on Friday, June 14 for the “Swing Easy” concert with the Vicio Rinella Quartet. For this special occasion, the Palermo singer will be accompanied by Fabio Lo Verde on piano, Valerio Buscetta on double bass, and Gabriele Guercio on violin.

The concert starts at 9 p.m. but the opening is scheduled for 7 p.m. for an exclusive pre-concert aperitif.

It starts with an aperitif overlooking the Fountain of Shame that costs 15 euros and includes a drink, a cutting board, and a concert ticket.

Exhibition Palermo Felicissima

Going to the Rinella Quarte concert? Well, in the same place, don’t miss the opportunity to also visit the exhibition “Palermo Felicissima,” which with its interactive and multimedia approach will take you on a harrowing journey through time, discovering the splendor of Palermo during the Belle Époque; the experience unfolds within the halls of Palazzo Bonocore, a historic building that overlooks the monumental Pretoria Fountain and the square of the same name; all of which is located just a few steps from the Quattro Canti and on the edge of the ancient Arab quarter of Kalsa.

Palermo Felicissima” is divided into five sections, each of which offers an immersive and unique experience. Immerse yourself in the interactive archives, light boxes, immersive projections, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to embark on a journey to an extraordinary era.

It seems to us that you have plenty of stimulation; treat yourself to an evening of music, art, and history at Palazzo Bonocore. Still not convinced? For more information by calling 342 0784204.

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Palermo and secure splendid events with unique experiences this June!

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