The Satyr and its journey

It’s going around the world so we have to speak about it on our blog entirely dedicated to the Sicily and to everything is sicilian!  We are talking about the statue “Satyr” that became an ambassador of Sicily all over the world.

The satyr is a statue of bronze probably made during the Hellenistic period and discovered in the sea of Mazara del Vallo , Tapani, Sicily in 1997. The statue represents a mythological figure,  it was identified with the “satyr periboetos” and probably it was made by the well-known greek sculptor Prassitele (IV sec. b.C.).

Its residence is in Mazara del Vallo, the Museum of the Satyr but it is travelling a lot in these last years. In 2003 it was exhibited to the House of Representatives of Montecitorio in Rome, in 2005 to the national Museum of Tokyo as well as to the Universal Exhibition of Aichi, Japan, in 2007, to the Louvre of Paris and finally it returned in Sicily and landed to Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo inside the big exhibition “Ars Siciliae”.

And you, have you already seen the beautiful find of the Dancing Satyr? You can admire it at the Museo del Satiro, in Mazara del Vallo. For more information on its ancient history, you can consult the official website.

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