The Aegadian Islands: Favignana

The Aegadian Islands are a group of 5 small mountainous islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the northwest coast of Sicily, Italy, near the city of Trapani. The most famous is certainly Favignana.

The “Butterfly“, as everybody call it because of its particular shape, is known for its seasides and sea caves, but also for the tuna fishing, the “Mattanza“.

The shore of the island is full of rocky and sandy creeks, but also of beautiful sea caves and sea floors rich in flora and fauna. The most famous seasides are Cala Azzurra and Lido Burrone, sandy shores in the southern part of the island; more spectacular are the rocky shores, such as Cala Rossa and the Grotta del Bue Marino. The peculiarity of these places is that they are areas of tuff mining, and here the caves create big and mysterious tunnels. In the other half of the island, there are Cala Rotonda, Cala Grande and Punta Ferro, places for the scuba diving lovers.

The main tourist attraction of the island is the Mattanza. The complicated and ritual system of fishing has rigorous rules, the “rais”, the chief of the tuna fishing and of the village, decides times and lines of the Mattanza.

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This was a little taste of the island of Favignana and the beautiful Egadi Islands. If you want to know more, visit the island’s official website.

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