Sferracavallo and its resources

Sferracavallo is a small seafaring and tourist village included between Palermo and the close Isola delle Femmine.

Its name seems to go back the make that was difficult attainable and that the bristly and complex road to arrive there.

It is situated between Mountain Billiemi and Capo Gallo and it is included in big part in the reserve orientated of Capo Gallo (that divides Mondello from Sferracavallo). It includes two small pier: that of just Sferracavallo and that of Barcarello.

Surely between the treasuries of Sferracavallo we return its restaurant near the sea, the its bar and his paninerie.

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Sferracavallo awaits you this summer with its crystal clear sea and its traditional Sicilian cuisine! It is time to organize your trip to Sicily!

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