Letojanni is a town of the province of Messina, placed at five metres above sea level. The center is divided in two parts by the namesake river. Until the half of XIX century, Letojanni was just a little fishermans’ village, now it is one of the most important tourist centers of Sicily.

The notoriety of Letojanni is due to the beauty of its sea, deep and blue, one of the most clean of the Sicily, and of its sandy or pebbly seashores. Its seafront, with palms and pines, is perfect for walks, breathing sea breeze or having lunch in one of the numerous restaurants.

A good breakfast with the typical tasty water-ices and brioches, served in the bars of the town, will give you the right boost to face a morning in the seaside, tanning or doing several summer sports. In the evening you must go to Piazza Durante, salon of the town, and just choose the entertainment for spending the night joyfully with your friends.

This town is known nationwide also because of the Cinema: in fact the famous actor Roberto Benigni has setted here some sequences of his movie “Johnny Stecchino”, and the town is often used as location for several TV movies.

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This was a small preview of the natural and artistic beauties that you can admire in Letojanni. This little Sicilian jewel awaits you! To find out about all the events organized in Letojanni, visit the official website of the municipality. If, on the other hand, you are curious to know the nearby city of Taormina, go to the article of this splendid Sicilian city.

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