Surfin’ Siciliae!

Everyone knows that the province of Palermo is surrounded by amazing seashores. But not everyone knows that these shores are destinations of surfers and water sports addicted. Mondello, Cefalù, Trappeto, Cinisi are some favourite resorts for a surf day, with waves of almost 2 and half metres.

Mondello, placed in Palermo, is a long spot of white sand and crystal-clear sea. It is really famous, even because once at year it is the host of the “World Festival on the beach”, an event that assembles sportsmen and curioses from all over the world, international Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Sail and Beach Volley competitions.

 Cefalù is a famous tourist spot far 70 kilometres from Palermo, known for its artistic treasures but also for its seashores and naturalistic wonders. If you visit cefalù at the end of august, on the seafront, you’ll find many rash surfers riding the long waves at the sunset with their boards, an amazing show!

But the most famous seashore is “Ciammarita”, Trappeto, far 50 kilometres from Palermo. It’s a cherished “Spot”, as the surfers call it, aboveall in winter time, because it offers high and pipe waves, and it’s easy to be reached by car.

Our Sicily has nothing to envy to famous spots as Biarritz, Bali, Malibù and many more!

Are you not able to surf? Don’t worry about it, these beautiful seasides are good also just to obtain a golden tanning and to have a fine swim.

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