Monreale and its treasures

Monreale is a town in the province of Palermo, in Sicily, and it is famous all over the world mainly for its wonderful cathedral of the XII century. The church is a national monument of Italy and one of the most important artistical attractions of Sicily.

The style of this monument is composite, made by the mix of different cultures of northern Europe and Arabian art. The main prospect is made of four corner towers and the porch is of the Reinassance age.

The inner is lightened by magnificent golden mosaics, which portray the whole history of the Christianity, from the origins to Jesus and His death and resurrection.

The cloister of the cathedral is a real masterpiece of sculpture and inlaiding rocks. It is made up by 228 little pilasters, each one with different decorations and overcome by very elaborated capitals of Arabian inspiration.

An event not to be missed to immerse yourself in Sicilian tradition and culture is certainly the great festival dedicated to the SS. Crocifisso, patron saint of Monreale: during these days (approximately in May of each year), the square and the streets of the town are full of people, many of whom go to the church to attend the novena which is celebrated in the days preceding the procession.

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