Mari Giuntini_Painting

Mari Giuntini is an emerging Sicilian painter who was born in Siracusa in 1987. Here she attended the Institute of Art and later she graduated in Painting at the ABA of Florence with the thesis “The Blindness of the Sign”, extending themes related to the body as presence, intentionality, extension that risks their borders without actually losing them, expressing exactly at the instant before the abandonment.

pittrice emergente sicilianaAfter the thesis she does a technical collaboration with the ABA in Florence for public art projects and teaches in private academies. Then, she lived in Berlin where she developed work on the internal-external projection process, self-relational self-interest dynamics. Consider movement as a metaphor for man who experiences a continuous evolution in the very process of life. She perceives indeed the human being in his constant being “in search of” and it is in this constant search-seeking among the things of the world that the artist recognizes man’s ability to be.
The artist is also a teacher of Yoga and President of the Associazione Fucine Arte Contaminazione, which works in the cultural field of study, practice and dissemination of art and promotes the exchange of disciplines. In the last year she has been working on some performative practices that combine yogic and artistic experience, a kind of meditation on the move that leads to the heart of himself. All his work is conceived as a project into becoming, which draws its foundations from a new idea of experience in which, in the ever-changing relationship of exchange, to change (and to “mature”) is the deeper meaning of the human being.

The work of the artist invests the concept of “fluid” identity, welcoming the contradictions and of that generating movement that is life. The work reflects on the unknownness of the present, here and now not (pre) defined but constantly in-definition, conscious of human experience as unicum unicum. Nothing is stable but everything is revocable, transient, fleeting, ephemeral. Human nature is a living, immense and enormously complex system, in which everything is related to anything else. Every single, infinitesimal, human particle is a constituent part of a system and the very essence of man’s life is precisely in that complex process of dynamic weaving that generates situations, experiences and emotions. This complex relational impersonality and intrinsic development speed determine the maximum level of human extension and expression. Man tends and needs, not only of the other and the world, but of the process itself that leads to the other and the world, in a continuous existential deployment.

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