Exhibition in Sicily for the end of summer!

The Sicily&Sicilians team is ready to go on vacation, but before greeting you for a short break, we leave you with a small collection of various exhibitions that are going on these last weeks of summer in Sicily!

Mostra Saligia andrea chisesiAt the former Carmine Church in Taormina, until the 20th August, the exhibition Saligia of the artist Andrea Chisesi takes place. The exhibition, whose name represents the acronym of 7 capital vices, tells through 36 works, how complex and connotated is the perception of human weakness in the common sense.

The exhibition of  cartoons of Vauro and Pino Manzella can be visited until 25th August at the Palazzo Comunale of Terrasini (PA). The cartoons of the first artist are in the book “Oltre i 100 passi” by Giovanni Impastato, while those of the second are taken from the exhibition entitled “Ciao Peppi e altre irriverenze…”. This exhibition is thought in continuity with the fights of Peppino Impastato, who used the irony and satire to fight the powerful with the intention of changing the existing one.

mostra novecento italianoNovecento Italiano. Una storia. is an exhibition that retraces Italian art from the 20th century through at least 15 different artistic movements. You will find sixty paintings and eight sculptures of forty-four authors who can, of course, be considered the representatives of their periods. The exhibition takes place at Palazzo Reale in Palermo until 31st August.

In Palermo from July 7th to September 10th, ZAC presents the first anthology of Thomas Lange, a German painter who  intends to carry out intense research through his painting into the meaning of the images and the act of painting.

mostra viaggio in siciliaThe Archaeological Museum Antonio Salinas presents until September 10th “Viaggio in Sicilia. Mappe e miti del Mediterraneo”. The unpublished works of six Italian and foreign artists will be exhibited, consolidating the current vocation of the museum to open more towards contemporary-oriented languages to rediscover the art of the past with different eyes.

The Museo del Riso hosts until September 10th the first personal exhibition of Micol Assaël, one of the most original voices of international art, with appearances in the most important biennials and numerous museums including the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the Kunsthalle of Basel. The conceptual line of the show is the wave, which connects our intentions to the physical states of matter.

mostre escherIn Catania at Palazzo Platamone until September 17th there is the exhibition dedicated to Escher. The artist thought of Sicily as a fascinating region in architecture and landscape and it is here that he has developed much of those ideas and suggestions that characterize its mature artistic production with studies on shapes that have made it famous.

Moving to Agrigento, until September 24th sculptor Daniele Franzella exhibits his latest productions, still unpublished in Italy, in a single great narrative composition at the Fabbriche Chiaramontane. It shows not only large sculptures but also sound installations, graphic works, and photographs.

mostra serpottaAt the Oratorio dei Bianchi in Palermo until the first of October, an exhibition with main character Giacomo Serpotta, Italian sculptor and decorator alive between the 16th and 17th century, stands out for the art of stucco. In addition to his works, some of his contemporaries’ ones will also be exhibited to celebrate the extraordinary union between the arts and the sophisticated work of the Sicilian capital of that time.

The sculptor Giuseppe Agnello is exhibiting with “Dalle dure pietre” at the Palazzo dei Giganti and at the Parco Archeologico Valle dei Tempi  until October 30th. This exhibition is a hymn to the nature, starting from simple elements such as flowers, buds and seeds, investigating the proper shape of the elements using as the plaster predominant material.

mostra steve mccurrySteve McCurry Icons – is an exhibition that collects in over 100 shots the vast production of the famous photographer, to offer visitors a symbolic journey into a world of experiences and emotions that characterize his imagery. The exhibition is held in Syracuse at the former Convent of Saint Francis of Assisi until November 5th.

As you have read Sicily offers plenty of exhibitions and cultural events during these last weeks of summer, so do not forget to take advantage of it! If you are aware of other exhibitions, please email it at info@sicilyandsicilians.com 😉

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