Made OF Sicily: news keep coming! Updates and workshop material

Made OF Sicily”, the big collective exhibition of painting, sculpture, photography, videoart and digital art that has involved 20 young Sicilian artists and that has been the launching event of Sicily&Sicilians, has come to an end!

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The aim of the entire project has been to emphasize the “Sicilianity”: the tradition, the culture, the beauties of the territory, the food, the ethical values, the important historical personalities and everything that makes our territory so well-known and beloved.

The exhibition that started on the 9th of May, will end today on the 18th of May 2017. We have observed visitors coming from all over Sicily, Italy and also several foreign tourists. In addition, the event has been the perfect framework for five free workshops on social and cultural entrepreneurship aimed mainly at young people and high school and university students.

Here below you can find all the links of the materials and presentations used during the workshops:

Here below you can find some other material:

The involvement and the enthusiasm of the young people represent two of the main achievements linked to Made OF Sicily. We hope that these materials can be useful for them. In addition, we would like to thank all the participants to the workshops and we would like to wish them a glorious future in their homeland.

For further information, doubts, curiosities… critiques (those are needed as well)… you can write to us at 🙂

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