1st of May in Sicily: musical performances, exhibitions, and gastronomy.

This year the first of May happens to be on Monday so we will have a long weekend to spend with family and friends!

Also for this occasion Sicily offers different solutions to enjoy Labour Day at its fullest with musical performances of young groups, exhibitions of emerging artists and gastronomy.

Agrigento Kolymbetra

FAI proposes a guided visit at the “Giardino della Kolymbethra” near Agrigento (of which we have already spoken here), where from 10 to 18 it will be possible to have breakfast with typical country foods or to have a packed lunch in a small equipped area among orange trees.

In Castelbuono you can join in the Ecofesta and consume local products using compostable dishes, glasses and cutlery. Of course, this will happen watching musical performances.

The first of May in Enna will be entirely focused on young talent and on the desire to spread a strong civic and community sense: in the Parco Minerario Floristella-Grottacalda there will be different debates about the appreciation of the memories of the mineral activities along with musical exhibition of emerging groups. Furthermore, Palazzo Pennisi will make its space available for young artists of the territory and their pictorial and photographic works.

San Marco d’Alunzio per il primo maggio

Another occasion that shall not be missed for sports and nature lovers will be on the 1st of May near the territory of San Marco d’Alunzio, in the province of Messina. Here the equipped area “Percorso della Salute” will be the landscape for music, games and sport for all the visitors of all ages to enhance the natural and landscape heritage.

Concerning the province of Enna, and in particular to Centuripe, it will be possible to attend the performances of different young music groups and to consume local products on sale at the stands of the area thanks to the team of Associazione LiberArt.

Are you motorcyclists? Then you cannot miss from 9 to 10 am the Motoraduno “Muvemuni Day”  in Teatro Massimo square in Catania. At your arrival, you will find the different stop-overs of the event that you will be able to reach creating your own personal itinerary, but always following the timings to re-meet at every stop.


If on the other hand you will spend the week-end in Syracuse, 80 exhibition stands with artisans, retailers and producers coming from all over Sicily will be there for the “Festa della Fragola”, that will also be the occasion to join in shows, children games, animation, baby dance, storytelling and fashion shows in fairytales clothing.

For the lovers of good wine, Nerello is the main character of the first of May of Mescali, in the province of Catania, where exhibitions, shows and animation will take place.


In the end, for those who love to spend their spare time surrounded by art, we would like to remember you the Escher exhibition in the Palazzo della Cultura in Catania. This will be open also on the first of May from 10:00 to 20:00, for those who would like to use the Labour Day as a chance to visit and appreciate it.

If you are aware of other initiatives and Sicilian events with music performances, exhibitions and tastings on the 1st of May, you can write us at info@sicilyandsicilians.com and we will be glad to share them in the community 🙂

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