Pollen Art is a project made in Sicily created by two young people with a passion for art and the world of the web.
The project is a service designed for every artist, from the adult to the youngest, is that with little financial effort and time, can download his works on the platform. This way everyone can protect its copyright and to avoid illicit circulation of his works.
Intrigued, we asked some questions to Amalia, one of the founders of Art Pollen.

Who are you and how did the idea for Art Pollen?pollineart1-300x170

My name is Amalia, I’m 22 years old and I have always been a passion for writing, reading, marketing, art and the world of the web.
The idea of Pollen came two years ago when I was with Fabrizio for a walk in Farm Cultural Park, a new generation cultural center was born in the heart of Favara, Sicily. While chatting with the artists, we noticed the strong fear of illicit circulation of their works on the web. From there the suggestion to use the blockchain to ensure their paternity.

Describe your project.

The Pollen project is now a service tailor made for each of the old and new generation artist who decides to take care of their own creations. It was conceived, designed and implemented together with the artists; Thanks to their efforts and their recommendations came out a simple project, immediate and economical. The artists who decide to use pollen to protect its copyright of their work spend an average of five minutes of their time and with few euro’s it.

What are your goals for the immediate future?

I think that among our objectives there is that of growing clout. These days we are working on automating some processes, this will allow us to work faster and in less time to meet the demands of the artists who are part of Pollen Art.

Where do you expect to be in 3 years?

The project carries a big name. It’s called Pollen because with the same lightness and naturalness in hopes to get works of art everywhere and with extreme security for the author. Perhaps I could answer that I expect to be anywhere, such as pollen.

Art and innovation for many would seem a strange combination. You might better explain how you understand it?

We have always seen innovation combining technology as tools that solve problems. The artists we have uncovered something that prevented them from transferring culture through a very contemporary tool: the Internet. This for us was not and is not acceptable. Pollen Without innovation there would be, the works of artists would not be safe, and so both the artists and art lovers would be less happy for several reasons.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And conversely, Sicily and innovation, often seems an impossible combination. What’s missing in your opinion so that Sicily can to keep up with other more advanced regions of Italy?

Sometimes pull the concept of innovation to Sicily does turn up their nose is true. Yet we have many examples of innovative projects born and raised in Sicily. Our project moving and living online has had less difficulty to align with other realities. However, even if it seems a big cliché, I trust so much in boys of our age, they will make their revolution. With hard work, but they will.

As well as Sicily and Sicilians, even Pollen Art is dedicated and designed for young emerging artists. What do you recommend to young people seeking success in the art world and that unfortunately encounter various difficulties, especially in Sicily?

pollineart3-300x225The only advice I can give is … traveling! I highly recommend for those who have the opportunity to travel the world far and wide. So they will be able to know a lot of people, to forge relationships with various professionals. I board them to speak at length with everyone, to listen to advice, even the most trivial. They will look instead to see, listen instead of hearing. Their Board of forge ahead and run, to make mistakes frequently, to study various things even outside the area of interest. Life is a continuous cycle, you must go shipped to everything and then collect.
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