BEST PRACTICE MADE IN SUD: Here rest your ashes

Today we present a project that combines business with pleasure, and that applies to all those who have the bad habit of smoking, despite knowing of committing a grave error. There are lots of ways and means to try to take off the habit: sicily1chewing gum, electronic cigarettes, various medical treatments, etc … but who of you ever thought you could stop thanks to an urn ashtray?

And this is the original idea that took the creator of the project “Here rest your ashes”, using this particular design object to send a strong message, thus supporting the anti-smoking campaign office.
Following you will find the interview with Rosangela Leotta, the creator of this innovative object, which is getting gradually more and more successful.

What is the project “Here rest your ashes”?
“Here rest your Ashes” is a project, an urban design product and is especially a message. A project that through an urn ashtray sends a clear and concise message against smoking.

Who thought of this project and then when you’ve decided to make it happen?
The request came from Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saieva. The commission was to design of ashtrays that had to be a certain impact on smokers,sicily4, a real campaign against smoking, to be installed in the seven courtyards of Farm Cultural Park. I had the chance to work with people who have left me free to create without restrictions. Within a day the project was ready and accepted!

What are the aims “cultural art” project? That is in addition to being a simple ashtrays are clear references to the consequences of smoking and the need not to dirty our cities with cigarette butts. As you’ve imagined before creating the object itself?
It is a very conceptual work that is expressed through a piece of furniture for a very specific and obvious purpose. Obviously I went from an idea that was to intimidate the user with something strong, so I thought and designed an urn, as such, so I had to put on something written as is usually done on the gravestones or the polls. I began by writing HERE REST and then I wondered: Who? It was almost a natural consequence finish the sentence with YOUR ASHES.

What kind of feedback did you get your project?
First clear that this is a team project carried out with Chioccioline Lab, a design workshop that I share with my partner, carpenter’s very smart. I have thought and designed “Here Rest Your Ashes” and he creates them by hand, then I step lacquering. The findings so far are positive, so we are selling mainly in places open to the public, but also for private use and at the end of 2016 we closed a contract with a municipality in the province of Pavia, Filighera. They were commissioned to install ashtrays all over the country.

Do you think with irony the message proposed by your project “Here Rest Your Ashes” can be more effective?

I do not know, I do not know if anyone reading this has stopped smoking! But I can say that the product is in great demand both urban use it for home use, so that we have created from their table line because high demand.

Where do you think this will get your project in a few years?

This too is a question I can not answer with certainty. I hope that many Italian municipalities decide to join.
Sicilyandsicilians is a cultural project that has as its primary objective to propose a re-reading of the image of Sicily through the young contemporary art. But at the same time it wants to promote a new island abroad made up of young and new identity.

What do you think of socio-cultural projects like ours?

What they are welcome, we have to “do” something and not “think of doing” something!
Is there anything I have not asked you and you wanted to tell me?
You did not ask me if I smoke … Yes unfortunately! It is a relationship of love and hate that still can not bury!

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