How many of you think the city of Palermo without thinking of the wonderful sea that bathes the city?

Unfortunately, in recent years this natural heritage has become less important and has been overlooked. The Sicilian organization which we present is born with the intent to revive the culture of the sea in the city and enhance the artistic and gastronomic content.

coworkerass-maranoItti_co / Lab is a coworking / public laboratory, which opened September 26, 2016 in the offices of the market in via Crispi in Palermo, and in collaboration with the Department for Productive Activities of the City of Palermo, is committed to the enhancement of functional complex of the fish market.

Just as our SicilyandSicilians project created for the rehabilitation of the image of Sicily, also Itti_co / Lab pursues the same objectives. To know more about this wonderful organization we asked some questions to Carlo Cottone, the coordinator of the project.

What is Itti_co / Lab?
Itti_co / Lab is a team of co-working which consists of eight projects winners of a tender announced by the City of Palermo for the “enhancement” of the Fish Market of Palermo, a place almost unknown to Palermo. Coworking is a new way of working where participants maintain their individuality and independence by sharing a simple layout and equipment up to the experiences and capabilities.

What would you use adjectives to describe the project?

Our three key points are not adjectives but verbs #Valorizzare #Contaminare #Condividere
(#Valorize #Contaminate #Share)

What prompted you to this initiative?

For too long as a result of urban events of the 60s / 70s, the city has expanded away from the sea to almost forget it. The conversion of Cala sewer to walk in the open air along the ancient port of Palermo, together with the recovery of the Foro Italico and the east coast, once home to seaside resorts is doing resurface the old relationship between the city and the coast. The fish market benefited from Palermo, not only for night mercantile activities, will be another piece of the rediscovery of the relationship with the sea.

It seems never to fight against windmills?

Like every adventure / project, difficulties come always afloat, but the willpower of the group and the desire to always believe until the last brought up to now good results.

How did your first event?

We imagined this place “modern” as a center of ideas, enhancing the value of fish and especially the fisheries value (sustainable). The first public event, called “Palermo meets the sea” is the 12.07.2016 within the sales area of the market, it led a warm, audience curious to know a strategic place but almost unknown is bound to “normal.” By contrast, the interiors market players have shown a great interest in seeing their animated workspace from external activities to the sale and a new audience.

 How do you see the project in three years?
The duration of coworking has been planned for six months, within which we have set ourselves the goals of the presentation of the results of our work to the public to make this place a suitable place for both children and elderly. From here in three years many things can happen, but in a fairly near future, we already have many ideas for the head.

Is there anything I have not asked you and you wanted to tell me?

Groped to find solutions together educates, drag and teaches how to solve problems then to become active participants in one way or another will find their place in society.

Sicilyandsicilians is a cultural project that aims to propose a re-reading of the image of Sicily with young contemporary art and at the same time promote the island abroad. What do you think of socio-cultural projects like ours?

Cultural projects have a very important role in our society, generally born by young people for young people. Your project, as well as the many realities in the area, including our coworking, converge towards a common goal. We hear constantly repeating that we might live by tourism because ours is a land that oozes culture: we all want this to be possible. We aim at the promotion and enhancement of our land, which translates into job opportunities. If we want to achieve this goal, and then ensure that the projects are turned into concrete action, you need to network and collaborate. Realizing means to pass the message that you can express yourself and be realized without having to abandon their land and that future may be here.

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